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July 2015 - Puppies looking for a home

These three lovely puppies (two female, one male) need a permanent, loving home. They are about two and a half to three months old and will grow to be medium sized dogs, weighing around 20 kilos. They don't have temparary homes so we are also looking for volunteers who can look after them until a permanent home is found. For more information please call 6934134132 or 26610 54478.

June 2016 - Thank you Mondial!

Mondial, a local company which transports goods between UK and Corfu, has been helping the Ark for
many years by providing free transport for animal products sent by well-wishers in the UK. The latest consignment will be arriving shortly (space permitting) and is a large quantity of good quality cat food, sent by GAR (Greek Animal Rescue).


May 2016 - Blind dog looking for a home

This large male dog had been wandering around Disco Strip in Corfu Town for some time and was being looked after by some of the taverna owners. But it was too dangerous a place for a blind dog and a few days ago he was involved in a minor car accident so we decided to take him from there. We already knew that he is positive for leishmania, making him more difficult to rehome, even though a blind dog can find its way around a secluded area perfectly well and can have a happy life.

We hope to find this dog a good home where he can live safely and happily. The taverna owners where he was found are putting out Ark collection boxes and local vet Vasilis Ziras, who helps the Ark’s dogs and cats has offered full free medical treatments including blood tests, castration, vaccinations etc. Thank you all for your help. Remember that you can also help by donating using the Paypal button at the top of this page.

If you interested in fostering this blind dog, or even better want to adopt him, please contact us on (0030) 69797 98202. On the video below, made just after his arrival, you can also see Mari - who is available for adoption - and Vicky, another female dog which has been adopted by Dutch tourists and will soon be reunited with them.


February 2016 - Annual General Meeting

The Ark AGM will be held on Wednesday 16 March at Holy Trinity Church, Mavili Street, commencing at 6.00 pm.

Any member interested in joining the Committee (including all current Members ) will be very welcome to join in the voting procedure. You will need to email Ileana.Trivoli@gmail.com  so that the necessary paperwork can be prepared in advance of your arrival at the Meeting.

Likewise, anyone interested in becoming more involved with The ARK by helping the many stray and abandoned animals in Corfu will be more than welcome and as always, we appreciate your help.

Current Members will be able to renew their Membership either before or after the Meeting. We will also welcome new Membership Applications on the night. We look forward to meeting all our Members and ‘Helpers’ and hope you will all do your best to attend the Annual General Meeting.

The Agenda
1. Account of 2015 proceedings.
2. Approval of 2015 Financial Report.
3. Planning activities for 2016.
4. Approval of 2016 budget.
5. Auditing committee’s report.
6. Briefing on current topics-Sterilizations, active and passive maltreatment,
adoptions, raising funds, money boxes and the Ark shop.
7. Raising public awareness.
8. Election.
Fully paid-up members may participate.
Late membership fees can be paid on the day of the meeting.

February 2015 - Charity Jumble Sale

January 2015 - A Rescue with a Happy Ending

Thomas, the dog recently rescued in Mandouki, is back with his owner Irini and her husband. They had been looking for him for several days before they saw the story on the Ark website and Facebook.

We advised them to make sure that in future Thomas wears a collar with his telephone number. Also to have him microchipped and castrated, which will stop him running off after females and reduce the risk of cancer in later years.

The photos below show the rescue and reunion. Local residents had head him barking and called the fire brigade who decided not to approach him in case he was aggressive. The Ark were called and with some food and patience we were able to coax him and gain his trust. He turned out to be a sweet dog who had been barking out of fear, rather than aggression. We took him to a safe place and looked after him until his owners showed up.

January 2015 - Court Convicts Ex-Policeman who Shot Dogs

This longstanding case case was finally heard with the ex-policeman found guilty on four counts. He was sentenced to 20 months in prison (suspended) and a 5,300 euro fine. Considering the crime was commited over five years ago, when the old law was in place, this was a good result with the case being heard under the new law and the family who lost their two beloved pet dogs have finally seen justice done. The accused will actually pay a much higher fine due to a new law now in operation - he will pay 110% more, a total of over 11,000 euros. Here is hoping that this will act as some sort of deterrent as incidences of dogs being shot are still being reported. Nothing can ever take away the pain the family have been through nor bring back the two innocent dogs but at least some form of justice has been served. The photo shows Pauline holding a photo of her beloved dogs.

December 2014 - Presents from Amsterdam

Some years ago Vanessa was in Corfu and came to see the dogs we were trying torehome. She has a pet shop in Amsterdam called Faunaland De Kanarie and since her visit has always put things aside for the animals of Corfu as well as supporting AAI. When we recently went to Amsterdam we had some nice surprises - soft body belts for small dogs, leads, sheep fat for healthy skin, combs (which are so practical), large and small toys, big chewing bones, etc. Our suitcases were full and must have been a strange sight as they went throgh the scanners at the airport!. Once again thanks to Vanessa for her support.

October 2014 - World Animal Day

Saturday 4 October is World Animal Day. Winter is coming, the tourists will soon be gone and all the stray animals who rely on us humans will have a hard time. If everyone does a little to help, together we can do a lot

July 2014 - Ministry Approves 1.3 Million Euros for Animal Shelters

The Agriculture Ministry has set aside 1.3 million euros to be distributed to Greece's municipal authorities in order to build shelters for stray animals, the state-run Athens-Macedonia News Agency reported on Tuesday.

The decision signed by Agricultural Development Minister Giorgos Karasmanis and authorized by the ministries of Interior and Finance foresees the construction of special departments in all municipalities whose task will be to collect, tag, vaccinate and sterilize stray cats and dogs, while also offering medical treatment and behavioral rehabilitation so they can be put up for adoption.

"In a difficult economic environment, we are meeting an important funding duty of the state toward municipalities, who in cooperation with animal protection groups are responsible for managing strays in the interest of the health of the public and that of domestic pets," Karasmanis said.

June 2014 - Sponsored Swim

June 2014 - Sponsored Swim

Nicoletta's swim from Igoumentisa to Corfu went very well, atthough the waves were higher than expected and the crossing therefore took longer than expected. Nicoletta's sponsors and donors raised over 600 euros. The Ark welcomed her on her arrival in Corfu with champagne and we named two puppies who were abandoned that day Nicole and Letta. Nicoletta is now thinking of swimming from Corfu to Italy - that really will be a big challange. Thanks Nicoletta for helping The Ark - hopefully there are more youngsters like you out there!

June 2014 - Sponsored Swim

May 2014 - New (Temporary) Location for Ark Shop

For the time being the Ark Shop will be moving to a more central location and hopefully attracting more visitors. Opening on Monday 12 May, the new Ark Bazaar can be found at 7 Mantzarou, the street next to the theatre and is opposite the British Consulate. Come and see us for some summer bargains and help support abandoned and stray animals. You can even buy your Christmas cards! (4 euros for a pack of 10.) The shop is open from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm, Monday to Saturday.

April 2014 - An Easter Present

This little puppy, inside a flour sack, was thrown over a high fence into our garden at Easter. Strangely enough the same thing happened at Christmas!

April 2014 - A Taxi Driver in Shining Armour

This puppy was recently found near Frini in Perama. A Dutch tourist waiting for the bus to go to Corfu Town saw it walking on this busy road. Nobody recognised it and she finally contacted us asking what to do. She stopped a taxi and asked if it could take her to someone who would care for the puppy. The taxi driver did not only allow the dog in his car, but when they arrived refused any payment, saying that is my contribution to saving the life of the puppy. Thank you to this taxi driver from Argirades. Unfortunately we don't know your name but well done!

April 2014 - Thank you Corfu Transport Partners

We were very pleased when Corfu Transport Partners brought back for FREE a load of the boxes used to transport dogs to therr new owners in Holland. It is always a challenge to get these often large boxes back to Corfu. So a big thank to Wim and Daniel for their kind help. We are now prepared for the start of the tourist season and hopefully a lot of the unwanted dogs and pups will find new homes abroad if we cant find suitable homes for them on Corfu.

April 2014 - Corfu Dog Walk in Soesterduinen, Holland

The Dutch charity organisation AAI has been helping The Ark find good homes for our Corfu dogs for many years. Although we get regular email updates on how the dogs are doing are doing, and photos, it's great to actually see the dogs and their families.

Three years ago the initiative was taken to organise a walk with the dogs from the Ark, and it has been very successful - a special occasion to see so many happy families and dogs. This year was the third time and Spiridoula and Louisa went to Holland to take part. The Dutch volunteers such as Jennifer, and especially Derk and Kitty, organised it very well. There was a small stand with information as well as snacks for the dogs and all dogs got a Corfiot bandana which looked very nice on them. Most of dogs and their families had their photo taken.

It was very touching to see how these dogs, who often would not have had any chance, are happy and healthy in their new country. And very moving to see how much those families have cared for them, even if they needed medical treatment. Sometimes it was difficult to recognise a dog which had left as a small curly puppy, and then turned into big long haired dog.

Luckily our Corfu dogs are known for their sociable behaviour and for being nice family dogs. They also do their bit to promote tourism as each year some of their new owners visit Corfu to see where they came from!

Thank you all, and especially the Stichting AAI.

March 2014 - The Ark AGM

The members of the association are invited to the Annual Meeting which will take place
on Wednesday 12 March,2014 at 19.00 in the Anglican church 21 ,Lav. Mavili Street.

1. Account of 2013 proceedings.
2. Approval of 2013 Financial Report.
3. Planning activities for 2014.
4. Approval of 2014 budget.
5. Auditing committee’s report.
6. Briefing on current topics-Sterilizations, active and passive maltreatment,
adoptions, raising funds, money boxes and the Ark shop.
7. Raising public awareness.
8. Election.
Fully paid-up members may participate.
Late membership fees can be paid on the day of the meeting.

Sylvia Steen- President
Christiana Banks- Secretary

Decmber 2013 - Lost Dog Reunited with Owner

Finally a dog reunited its owners. Mouchou was missing for about a month. He had jumped out of a car and, despite looking everywhere, he had not been found. However, someone who knew him recognised his picture and now he is back home. He has been neutered, so will not try to escape in future. His owners will also put their mobile phone number on his collar and hopefully get him microchipped. (The photo with the bus was taken inSan Rocco Square where he had been strolling around for about a week and where he was chained to avoid an accident.)

November 2013 - The Rob Raw Trust

October 2013 - Naniek Raises 900 euros for Corfu's Stray Animals

Naniek, a nine year old Dutch girl, has spent the last year and a half collecting money to help Corfu's stray animals. She had wanted to pass it on via Stichting AAI Holland but her father organised it so that she could bring the 900 euros she had collected herself, during her school holidays. They stayed in Corfu for a week, surrounded by the dogs we are fostering and hoping to find caring homes for. Naniek loved being with the dogs and wasn't even afraid of the huge dogs like Sida, who gave her a kiss to say thank you. She has a natural talent to be around dogs - and they all loved her too. Perhaps she is a mini dog whisperer! Thank you Naniek and father Dennis for all your efforts to raise so much money.

October 2013 - World Animal Day

All over the world, on 4th October, World Animal Day is celebrated and people give some extra attention to the animals who need our help and depend on us. Here in Corfu we think not only about our own pets, but also those less priveledged animals, especially the strays which one sees all over the island. Here at The Ark we try to find good homes for these dumped, unwanted or injured cats and dogs. But our funds and hands on help are very limited, and we need all of your co-operation, especially as winter is on nthe way and the tourusts who often feed and look after the stray animals are leaving.

June 2013 - Thank you Marilyn

Via Spiros M, we have received a nice surpise parcel from Marilyn in England. It was full of high quality dog and cat food so our foster animals will have an extra tasty start to the month. On their behalf, thank you Marilyn for your support.

May 2013 - RIP Markos the Airport Dog

We have been informed that Markos, the airport's canine mascot has died. He will be missed by the many tourists and locals whose lives he touched and the airport will not be the same without him. According to airport staff he was about 14 years old and in the end his kidneys gave up. He was allowed inside the airport to cool down in the summer and to keep warm in the winter and many of the airport staff took care of him, including Spiros from Pandair who gave him his food and tablets. A couple of years ago he was injured and we took him in and looked after him for a month or so while he received treatment. Thankfully hre recovered and could sometimes be seen as far away as Garitsa wandering around the tavernas for a few tasty treats!

Following Markos' death we received this email from Spiros:
I am Spiros who looked after Markos at Corfu airport. Many airport staff have approached me to give their condolences for the passing of Markos and others have expressed their sorrow through Facebook for his loss. I am very grateful and I am sure that Markos will be remembered for a long time. Could I please ask you to write on Facebook, or on any other site about Markos, that the best way to remember him would be to make a donation in his memory to "The Ark", or to become members of "The Ark", in order to support Markos' "paw" friends who do not have the opportunity to be loved as much as he was. I am sure that my Markos would agree as he was so well looked after by "The Ark" in 2011 when he was injured. Thank you for your time. Spiros.

April 2013 - Found in the Street on Stray Animals Day

This is one of the dogs found in the street and reported to the Ark found on the street on World Stray Animal Day (April 4th). Let's hope it turns out not to be a stray and that its owner will be found. The poor dog was covered in ticks but after  a thorough wash with special shampoo he was another dog! He was one of the lucky ones who is now in safe surroundings. Unfortunatelly we can not rescue all those who need help.

March 2013 - World Stray Animal Day on 4th April

March 2013 - Ark AGM

Members of the Ark Animal Welfare Association are invited to the Annual General Meeting which will take place on Wednesday, 20th March at 19:00 pm in the hall at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 21. Lav. Mavili Street.

March 2013 - Saleable items wanted for Ark Shop

The Ark Shop, In Agiou Dimitriou Street, behind Hondos Centre, is in Carnival mood. Why not pop in and browse the numerous bargains - all proceeds going towards the care of animals on the island. If you have any good items such as clothes, crockery, books, etc. which you do not need anymore, please let us know as we always welcome good quality items. Phone Christiana on 6941504182 (English, Greek) or 26610 32111 (Greek only).

January 2013 - Thank you to all the friends of Ribchen-Anna from Stuttgart

A few years ago Silke and Markus were on holiday in Corfu and found a small puppy covered with ticks. They took her to a vet who just said "What a lot of ticks, take her to the Ark". So they contacted and brought her to Louisa who was shocked to see the state of the puppy and named her Ribchen (Ribs) as she was so skinny.

Silke and Markus did not have a dog at home and worked full time but during the holiday they decided to adopt her and later even changed their working hours. (The dog is allowed to go with to work with Markus).

When the dog was fully recovered she was renamed Anna and travelled to her new owners who are very happy with her. With the help of their friends they decided to raise some money for the less fortunate animals on Corfu and we received 425 euros from them. Shortly afterwards a parcel arrived full of nice goodies for the dogs - and even some chocolates for us! Happy New Year and a big thankyou to all the friends of Ribchen-Anna.

December 2012 - A Happy and Healthy New Year to All of You

We would ike to thank those who have helped the Ark in all kinds of ways this year - volunteers in the Ark Shop, volunteers helping with the animals, those who visit and/or donate goods to our shop, and all those residents and visitors who have their hearts in the right place and try to give our strays a better life. We wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and look forward to your continued support and help in 2013. Together, we can make a difference.

December 2012 - Christmas wishes from Julia and a Christmas donation from her owners

Michael and Brenda spent a nice holiday in Corfu, but when they saw a setter tied up and with very little space to move around, they felt very sorry for it. They got in contact with the owner and adopted her. We took care of her whilst getting her vaccinations done and arranging for transport to the UK at the end of November. They named her Julia. She is at least six years old and was suffering with her ears. In the end the vet took out 10 Grasares and later in the UK another one was detected. She also tested positive for leishmaniosis. But her new owners did not mind; they already have two other dogs from their local shelter, one has problems with its balance and the other is a 13 year old with arthritis. Julia has joined them and is well integrated. We were very grateful when Michael and his company said they would sent us a very generous Xmas donation of 1,000 pounds, which we will use for medicines to protect the dogs in our care from leishmaniosis and other deseases. Thank you very much Julia, have a safe and happy future.

November 2012 - Ark Summer Bazaar Ends

The temporary shop/bazaar has come to an end. We are very grateful that the shop's owner let us use it longer than expected, but unfortunately the shop has been rented out and we are back in our small shop at the back of Hondos Centre / Serano in Agh. Dimitriou 11. Thanks to the great lacation of the temporary shop we were not only able to raise money for stray animals but also to raise awareness with the public that animal welfare is not just the hobby of a few but a sign of civilisation to care for those depending on our help. As a result we managed to rehome some dogs and cats with caring Corfu inhabitants.

October 2012 - World Animal Day

The 4th October will be a special day at the Ark Shop which is enjoying its temporay location on the corner of Geo. Theotoki and Mantzarou (one block from San Rocco on the same side as Marks and Spencer). Opening hours are from 10 till 2, Monday to Saturday. There are lots of bargains and all proceeds go towards helping Corfu's animals. Donations of items to sell are always needed.

July 2012 - Ark Summer Bazaar

May 2012 - More Collars and Leads

Antoinette and Ronald, often foster dogs from Corfu for AAI in Holland. Like last year, they chose Corfu for their holiday and brought with them collars and leads. Thank you both for your continued support.

April 2012 - World Stray Animals Day

April 4th is World Stray Animals Day. Please visit their website and watch the video.

April 2012 - Trip to Holland - Video

Here a short video of the recent walk in Holland with dogs from Corfu and their happy owners. The walk was announced on the AAI website. (AAI is the charity organisation which has helped to rehome dogs from Corfu for many years.)

The walk was held in a lovely location in the middle of Holland with woods and sand dunes. The fine Spring weather was sunny and well over 60 dogs were there - all behaving perfectly. It was nice to see so many of the dogs - and all in such good condition - with their proud owners telling their dog's story, most of which we remembered. The video below shows the start of the walk. The day was such a success that we are thinking of making it an annual event; hopefully with the same warm and sunny weather to remind the dogs of Corfu! To see more pictures click here.


April 2012 - Trip to Holland

Members of the Ark are just back from week in Holland where they took four dogs to be rehomed. Our supporters there had organised a “Corfu Walk” so people with could bring their dogs and meet us. It was a fantastic day with beautiful sunny weather, and quite a few dogs and their owners. We also visited one of our loyal supporters who has a pet shop, De Kanarie Faunaland in Amsterdam, and returned with some goodies - for which many thanks. Vanessa has supported us since her first visit to Corfu some years ago and donated dog snacks, collars, leads and hairbrushes. And from Antoinette we received some collars and leads while Silvia had collected some small harnesses to make walking the dogs easier. Once again, many thanks to Vanessa, Antoinette and Sivia.

March 2012 - New Animal Law

After long debates in Parliament, the previous (2003) law has been replaced. The new law is much morre explicit about the legal responsibilities of dog and cat owners, such as making micro chipping obligatory, imposing bigger fines for the maltreatment of animals and banning live animals from circuses, etc. A recent episode of the animal programme Para Tricha on Skai TV, explains the new law. Click here to watch the programme which is normally broadcast at 10.00 am on Saturday mornings.

March 2012 - Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of The Ark will take place on Wednesday 24 March 2012 at 19.30 pm at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Corfu Town. If the required number of members is not available at 19.00 the meeting will still start at 19.30. All existing and prospective members of the Ark are encouraged to attend.

click to enlarge

February 2012 - Ark Shop

The Ark Shop - at Ag. Dimitriou 11 (behind the Hondos Centre or Emporiki Bank) in Corfu Town - is extending its One Euro Week for an indefinite period. Many super bargains with new stock arriving daily - jackets, skirts, blouses, jeans and trousers, children’s clothes, games and toys, jewellery, and household goods. And all for the silly price of 1 euro! Don’t miss out, come and pay us a visit.

January 2012 - Moving House? Leaving Corfu?

If you are at the stage of having a good clear-out, for whatever reason, please don't throw your unwanted items away! Most of you know The Ark has a small shop in town and we will sell anything from a set of cutlery to a washing machine! All items accepted must be in good condition; all electrical items must be in working order. So, if you have any unwanted items: ie: books; DVDs; clothing; shoes; electrical items; kitchen equipment etc. we will be happy to take them off your hands! Proceeds from all sales go towards helping the stray and abandoned animals on Corfu, of which there are far too many. Please call: 6975 833654 to arrange for drop-off /pick-up. Your co-operation and generosity will be much appreciated.

January 2012 - Prepared for the cold

We had already taken delivery of some hand knitted bodywarmers for the dogs and now another surprise parcel has arrived from Ellen and Rob from Ho;lland. They visited Corfu last summer and wanted to support the work of The Ark. As well as the "capes" you see below they sent some treats for the dogs and some flea collars. Unfortunately we can't thank them personally as they didn't give an address, so if anyone knows Ellen and Robert van Unen or if they read this, please send an email address.

January 2012 - Cameron White

The ARK, has lost one of its long-serving members and faithful friends. Cameron passed away in November 2011 and will be sadly missed. He was a well-known dog trainer and animal behaviourist and always claimed to like dogs better than people. Cameron was known to say "We do not ask that everyone likes animals with a passion. However there is no reason why they cannot be treated with dignity and respect". Our thoughts and condolences go to his wife Sandra and his family. The ARK is deeply grateful for donations at the funeral to the total of 400 Euros.

January 2012 - Happy New Year

On behalf of the stray and abandoned animals of Corfu we would like to wish all our friends and supporters a Happy and Healthy New Year. Many thanks for all your help over the last twelve months. We look forward to your continued support in 2012.