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News Archive - 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013

Decmber 2013 - Lost Dog Reunited with Owner

Finally a dog reunited its owners. Mouchou was missing for about a month. He had jumped out of a car and, despite looking everywhere, he had not been found. However, someone who knew him recognised his picture and now he is back home. He has been neutered, so will not try to escape in future. His owners will also put their mobile phone number on his collar and hopefully get him microchipped. (The photo with the bus was taken inSan Rocco Square where he had been strolling around for about a week and where he was chained to avoid an accident.)

November 2013 - The Rob Raw Trust

October 2013 - Naniek Raises 900 euros for Corfu's Stray Animals

Naniek, a nine year old Dutch girl, has spent the last year and a half collecting money to help Corfu's stray animals. She had wanted to pass it on via Stichting AAI Holland but her father organised it so that she could bring the 900 euros she had collected herself, during her school holidays. They stayed in Corfu for a week, surrounded by the dogs we are fostering and hoping to find caring homes for. Naniek loved being with the dogs and wasn't even afraid of the huge dogs like Sida, who gave her a kiss to say thank you. She has a natural talent to be around dogs - and they all loved her too. Perhaps she is a mini dog whisperer! Thank you Naniek and father Dennis for all your efforts to raise so much money.

October 2013 - World Animal Day

All over the world, on 4th October, World Animal Day is celebrated and people give some extra attention to the animals who need our help and depend on us. Here in Corfu we think not only about our own pets, but also those less priveledged animals, especially the strays which one sees all over the island. Here at The Ark we try to find good homes for these dumped, unwanted or injured cats and dogs. But our funds and hands on help are very limited, and we need all of your co-operation, especially as winter is on nthe way and the tourusts who often feed and look after the stray animals are leaving.

June 2013 - Thank you Marilyn

Via Spiros M, we have received a nice surpise parcel from Marilyn in England. It was full of high quality dog and cat food so our foster animals will have an extra tasty start to the month. On their behalf, thank you Marilyn for your support.

May 2013 - RIP Markos the Airport Dog

We have been informed that Markos, the airport's canine mascot has died. He will be missed by the many tourists and locals whose lives he touched and the airport will not be the same without him. According to airport staff he was about 14 years old and in the end his kidneys gave up. He was allowed inside the airport to cool down in the summer and to keep warm in the winter and many of the airport staff took care of him, including Spiros from Pandair who gave him his food and tablets. A couple of years ago he was injured and we took him in and looked after him for a month or so while he received treatment. Thankfully hre recovered and could sometimes be seen as far away as Garitsa wandering around the tavernas for a few tasty treats!

Following Markos' death we received this email from Spiros:
I am Spiros who looked after Markos at Corfu airport. Many airport staff have approached me to give their condolences for the passing of Markos and others have expressed their sorrow through Facebook for his loss. I am very grateful and I am sure that Markos will be remembered for a long time. Could I please ask you to write on Facebook, or on any other site about Markos, that the best way to remember him would be to make a donation in his memory to "The Ark", or to become members of "The Ark", in order to support Markos' "paw" friends who do not have the opportunity to be loved as much as he was. I am sure that my Markos would agree as he was so well looked after by "The Ark" in 2011 when he was injured. Thank you for your time. Spiros.

April 2013 - Found in the Street on Stray Animals Day

This is one of the dogs found in the street and reported to the Ark found on the street on World Stray Animal Day (April 4th). Let's hope it turns out not to be a stray and that its owner will be found. The poor dog was covered in ticks but after  a thorough wash with special shampoo he was another dog! He was one of the lucky ones who is now in safe surroundings. Unfortunatelly we can not rescue all those who need help.

March 2013 - World Stray Animal Day on 4th April

March 2013 - Ark AGM

Members of the Ark Animal Welfare Association are invited to the Annual General Meeting which will take place on Wednesday, 20th March at 19:00 pm in the hall at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 21. Lav. Mavili Street.

March 2013 - Saleable items wanted for Ark Shop

The Ark Shop, In Agiou Dimitriou Street, behind Hondos Centre, is in Carnival mood. Why not pop in and browse the numerous bargains - all proceeds going towards the care of animals on the island. If you have any good items such as clothes, crockery, books, etc. which you do not need anymore, please let us know as we always welcome good quality items. Phone Christiana on 6941504182 (English, Greek) or 26610 32111 (Greek only).

January 2013 - Thank you to all the friends of Ribchen-Anna from Stuttgart

A few years ago Silke and Markus were on holiday in Corfu and found a small puppy covered with ticks. They took her to a vet who just said "What a lot of ticks, take her to the Ark". So they contacted and brought her to Louisa who was shocked to see the state of the puppy and named her Ribchen (Ribs) as she was so skinny.

Silke and Markus did not have a dog at home and worked full time but during the holiday they decided to adopt her and later even changed their working hours. (The dog is allowed to go with to work with Markus).

When the dog was fully recovered she was renamed Anna and travelled to her new owners who are very happy with her. With the help of their friends they decided to raise some money for the less fortunate animals on Corfu and we received 425 euros from them. Shortly afterwards a parcel arrived full of nice goodies for the dogs - and even some chocolates for us! Happy New Year and a big thankyou to all the friends of Ribchen-Anna.