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News Archive - 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013

December 2011 - Christmas Raffle

The annual Christmas Raffle was held in the Ark Shop on Friday, 16 December. There were fifty-two good prizes, free refreshments enjoyed by those present, and the total amount collected was as follows: Raffle tickets 745.50 euros, Donations 120.00 euros, Total 865.50 euros. A grand amount which will go towards helping the abandoned and injured animals in Corfu. May thanks, and appreciation, to all who who helped make this such a successful event.

November 2011 - Ark Christmas Bazaar

November 2011 - Lost Dogs Reunited with Owners

Two dogs which we recently found wandering in the road are back with their owners. They phoned to say that some friends had seen the posters we had put up. They were really happy to find them safe and promised to fence their property better and put identification tags on their collars. And hopefully spay the Pomeranian bitch so she won't keep having puppies and be better protected against breast ccancer. As a thankyou they gave a generous donation to The Ark.

November 2011 - A Wonderful Surprise Arrives

Linda, our loyal supporter form Belgium, recently arrived with Akis and a large car full of goods for the Ark. Now the strays will have good food, baskets, toys, blankets and lots more. In addition, nearly all the transport boxes were brought back from Holland. Linda had been collecting it all over the last months, using her house for storage. They travelled to Corfu with the car and a caravan for Spiridoula to use on the land were she is fostering dogs. They had the misfortune to arrive in Bari during the Greek ferry strike and days of waiting and insecurty followed. Finally they arrived in Corfu - what a trip. Spiridoula was very happy with the caravan and will find a nice spot for it. (The caravan and some other equipment was financed by AAI and their supporters who wanted to provide somewhere for Spiridoula to stay with an injured animal if necessary.) How good it is to have such nice people who are willing to sacrifice their time and even their holiday to help the strays of Corfu. A big thankyou to Linda and Akis from all at The Ark.

October 2011 - Markos the Airport Dog: An Update

You may remember the recent story of Markos, the dog who lives at the airport and his recovery from injury and illness. Spiros Mavronas, the manager of Pandair, is making sure that he gets his pills twice a day and Markos is looking better than ever. He is regularly fed by the taxi drivers and other people at the airport. Some German tourists saw Spiros feeding the dog and were so moved to see the care which was being given to Markos that they insisted on making a donation towards his food. Thank you Mathias and Barbara.

October 2011 - Gifts from Our Supporters

We have just received some nice presents for the animals we are fostering. Tanja from Germany, who rescued a small kitten called Olivai, has again sent a surprise parcel, with cat boxes, food bowls etc. and some fancy collars and leads. From the Czech Republic, Radana has sent us all kinds of goodies for the dogs. Radana spent most of her holiday caring for the dogs and cats, and took a dog called Kira back with her. Thank you both for your support.

October 2011 - World Animal Day

Tuesday 4 October is World Animal Day. This year we hope to be allowed to put up some posters in the centre of Corfu Town to publicise this event. On the Saturday before (1 October) a group of scouts will go around the town centre handing out leaflets to make people aware of this special day. Winter is coming, the tourists will soon be gone and all the stray animals who rely on nus humans will have a hard time. Please be kind to them and give them your support.

July 2011 - Ark Party

April 2011 - Ready for the Winter

Although the nice weather is just starting, we were very happy to receive from some ladies in Holland a lot of nice 'jackets' to keep the dogs warm in the winter. (Also very practical if a dog has just had a haircut!) It was so nice of these enthusiastic knitters to made us so many, in different sizes, colours and patterns. Many thanks! We had a 'fashion show' and all the dogs were happy to participate - though the dog food might have given them some extra motivation!

Linda is a loyal supporter of The Ark and recently, with the co-operation of Corfu resident Daniel Blom and Transport Partners Corfu, arranged delivery from Belgium of animal carrying boxes, food and even a play- pen which is very useful for "parking" puppies. Thank all of you who contributed to giving our unwanted animals a better life.

March 2011 - Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of The Ark will take place on Wednesday 23 March 2010 at 19.30 pm at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Corfu Town. If the required number of members is not available at 19.00 the meeting will still start at 19.30. All existing and prospective members of the Ark are encouraged to attend.

Once again we have received a surprise parcel organised by Linda from Belgium who also went to Amsterdam to pick up some other goods which will follow later on. Linda sent more food, nice snacks for the dogs, blankets and more to help the animals through the winter. Thanks to Linda, Akis and Kostas for helping us again.

January 2011 - Happy New Year!

We would like to wish a happy and healthy 2011 for you and the animals of Corfu. Let's hope that 2011 will be a good year for all of us and that the animals who depend on us humans will have a quality life. We thank those who have supported us in the past and hope to continue the good work with your support in the coming years.