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December 2010 - More Surprises

Once again our supporter Linda (with the help of Kostas) has sent another shipment of goodies. This time she got us a lovely playpen. This will be very useful when we have to temporarily separate a dog and its puppies for medical reasons, and will also serve a lot of other practical purposes. Thanks once again to Linda, Akis and Kostas - it is so nice to know that people outside Corfu also care about the welfare of animals here.

November 2010 - A parcel from Olivia

This summer German tourists Tanja and Oliver felt sorry for one of the small kittens around their hotel. The kitten had eye problems, like a lot of the Corfu kittens. They fell in love with this one and wanted to give her a safe and happy future, so they took her to the vet and when Olivia (the name they gave her) was ready to travel she went to them. Olivia, may you bring your new owners lots of happiness.

(Postscript: Later on in the season tourists at the same hotel reported to us that a lot of the cats and kittens there had suddenly disappeared. They were very worried about what had happened.)

November 2010 - Linda, Thank You Once Again

Not even a week after the first consignment arrived, yet more gifts for our animals! This time it was Kostas who drove it to Corfu and Fotis who delivered it to our doorstep - what a service. There were baskets, special puppy food (very usefull with all the small pups we have), large tins of food for the grown ups, more food, blankets, snacks, you name it. You can see Kokkinouli the cat inspecting it all. It is great that people abroad and here in Corfu are working together to support the animals. Thank you all.

November 2010 - Christmas Cards

Once again we have received some lovely Christmas cards from Brad and Thea in England. Every year they donate cards and as usual Mondial have cooperated and transported them them to Corfu free of charge. There are 10 cards in each pack and each pack costs 4 euros. All proceeds go to the animals. You can buy  the cards in Corfu Town at the Ark Charity Shop at 11, Agios Dimitrios Street (open Tuesday to Friday from10.00 to 1.00) and from the Ark Information Shop near the National Bank (open most days between 11.00 and 1.00).

November 2010 - Thank You Linda in Belgium

Linda wrote to us offering help - and last week it arrived! A lot boxes containing large dog baskets, blankets, food, toys, a wooden kennel and more. Our thanks to Linda and Aki, and Angelos and Vassilis from Hermes Distribution Corfu, who transported the goodies free from Belgium. It is good to know that as well as Mondial who have helped us all these years with transport from the UK, Vassilis can help us bring things from Belgium. He can be contacted on 6944550794. On behalf of the animals of Corfu, a big thankyou to all.

October 2010 - Promoting World Animal Day

The Ark helped to promote this year's World Animal Day. We were kindly lent a small shop in Corfu Town where we displayed information. This was also where a group of Cub Scouts and Sea Scouts gathered, together with their leader Kiriaki Vasilaki. They then proceeded to go around the city centre handing out leaflets about World Animal Day and rattling their collecting boxes. Four girls, suitably attired in Animal Day T-shirts, went around town with 'Poula' , an unwanted puppy which like so many ohers is looking for a nice home. It was a lovely sunny day and a lot of people stopped at the shop to have a look. In front of the shop we had two of six puppies which had been dumped in someone's garden a few days earlier. People were shocked that such lovely innocent puppies could be dumped. It was a successful day but there is still a long way to go before everyone is aware of the issues surrounding animal care and responsible ownership. A big thank you to the scouts and to the four girls for their support.

October 2010 - Congratulations Marjorie!

The recent court case against Marjorie Pandi had a happy outcome. All the charges against her (illegally breeding puppies and transporting dogs for financial gain) were dismissed. For anyone who knows her it was of course obvious that she never would be involded in such matters. The laywer from Ahens, Mr. Angelo Angeleto, did a very good job. (He is an well known expert in the field of animal rights.) Let's hope that this marks the beginning of greater public acknowledgement of the work that Marjorie and many other animal groups and volunteers do for unwanted animals in Corfu.

October 2010 - Marjorie Pandi Court Case, October 4th

The date for Marjorie Pandi's court case, postponed from December 2009, has been set for October 4th. Below is a letter sent by CIDAG (Coalition in Defense of Animals in Greece), an association representing most Greek animal welfare societies, which accompanied an international petition in her support. Although that petition is now closed, you can still send an email to the Nomarchos (Governor) of Corfu expressing your support for Marj, who has always offered support to others when needed. Her case is no. 69 on 4th October, which ironically is World Animal Day! You are also invited to support Marj with your presence.

"Marjorie has had a shelter in Corfu for many years with most animals being rehomed abroad. She has now been charged and will be taken to court accused of running an illegal animal breeding institution with the aim of selling dogs for financial gain. Suffice to say her accusers, who do not support the rehoming of Greek strays abroad, have been waging a lengthy war against Marj and this is their latest attempt to prevent her from helping strays on the island. There is not doubt that Marj does not need to breed animals. They are regularly thrown over the fence into her shelter area or left outside the gate. Others dogs are brought to her by tourists who desperately want to save the dog they have found. She also gets no financial reward for her work and like the rest of us struggles to find money to care for abandoned animals. For those of you who don’t know Marj, her shelter which has a small number of dogs, occupies a large area. The animals are in excellent condition and all enjoy large runs with only 2-3 animals per enclosure."

July 2010 - Music on a Summer Night

The Ark's Summer Party will be held on Monday 12 July at 7.30 pm at the villa next to Corfu Holiday Palace in Kanoni. (Follow the road round to the riding school entrance.) The entrance fee of 15 euros includes a free bar and buffet. "Music to relax" will be followed by "Music to dance to" and there will also be a raffle for a 32" Samsung TV. "A fabulous evening in a glorious garden ..... so enjoyable" was just one of the many comments following last year's event. Don't miss it!

April 2010 - Sun, sea and strays

This article by Louisa van Vuurde first appeared in The Corfiot magazine.

The tourist season has just begun, and we hope many visitors will come to our beautiful island and have a wonderful time. During the summer season, a large number of tourists contact our small animal welfare charity, the Ark, concerned about animal care, or perhaps lack of it. Most come from countries where animal welfare is on a different level from in the Mediterranean. They phone or email us about dogs on short ropes, often with hardly any food or (dirty) water, pups or kittens found near or in rubbish bins, abandoned dogs or cats sometimes in bad condition, injured or poisoned animals. A lot of tourists spend time during their holidays helping these animals; giving them food, taking a injured dog to a vet, offering them a bit of love. But when the season ends...?

In the winter that's just gone we had a never-ending queue of animals needing care - unwanted, injured, poisoned, just name it - and a never-ending offer of unwanted puppies. Although we promote sterilization and even have a support programme, dog owners often refuse it as being unnatural. But is it natural to dump the pups on the roadside, or put them in a plastic bag into the wheelie bin? Often our summer visitors offer to adopt an unwanted dog or cat, but we always advise them to think twice: a dog or cat is for life, and that could be 15 years or more; and during that whole period the owner must have the time, space and money to really take care of the new family member. If adoption is well thought through, the Ark can assist with the necessary procedures. If you are traveling back to Holland or Germany you also can help us. Please contact us by email or phone (0030) 6979 798202.

More and more frequently we are managing to find caring Corfiot families to adopt a dog or cat, but they are not enough by far for all the needy animals. We are therefore very happy to have the support of StichtingAAI in Holland, who help us to find 'golden baskets' with Dutch families. It is very moving to see that animals with handicaps are also being given a chance of a better life. One example from last year was Argi, a dog with complicated broken leg(s), who found in Michiel a caring owner. In May, Argi will come back to Corfu for a three-week holiday. Another was Misty, a big pup with deformed front legs. She had to endure several operations, with a long recovery time; but now she's got two straight front legs, and is allowed to run. And then there was the puppy Popi, hit by a car in Gouvia with the result that he had to have a risky elbow operation in Holland. Meanwhile he tested positive for leishmaniosis, but despite his problems a young family with a little boy of two fell in love with the pup, and Popi - now called Ari - has joined them. These are just some examples of dogs with a handicap who find loving homes, but of course most of our animals are healthy - and all of them have a lovely sunny (Corfu) nature.

The happy new owners are now promoting the 'Corfu breed' amongst their friends, and telling them that the fashion for buying a pedigree dog (often from countries like Hungary and Bulgaria) is 'such a pity'. The 'survival of the fittest' process means that mixed-blood dogs are usually healthier and cleverer than pedigrees. One local couple who have adopted a dog from us is Eleni and her husband, the proud owners of a small two-to-three year-old old brown dog named Venza. She and her two sisters were not wanted any longer. One, Venzi, is now in Holland, and we have nice photos of her in her new surroundings. The other, Venzou, is living in Petriti in the south of Corfu, as reported in the March edition of The Corfiot. Eleni takes Venza for long walks, and you might see her in and around Garitsa. She's is a sweet example of the 'Corfu breed', as nice as our Corfu tomatoes, olives, sun and sea.

Finally we repeat a request aimed at people living on Corfu: We urgently need temporary foster homes for dogs waiting to be adopted, so that a puppy, or an injured or unwanted dog, can receive some tender loving care whilst we are seeking a permanent owner for the animal. If you take an animal for a limited time, we guarantee not to leave it with you any longer than agreed. Please email us or call 6979 798202.

March 2010 - Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of The Ark will take place on Wednesday 10 March 2010 at 19.30 pm at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Corfu Town. If the required number of members is not available at 19.00 the meeting will still start at 19.30. All existing and prospective members of the Ark are encouraged to attend.

March 2010 - New Look for Ark Shop