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The Ark Shop will hold its annual Xmas Raffle in the shop on Tuesday, 22 December at 12 noon. There are lots of excellent prizes to be won! The shop is located in Corfu Town, behind Serano Cake Shop. It will then re-open at 10am on Tuesday, 12 January 2010.

October 2009 - Town Centre Bazaar and Information Centre

A shop owner has given us the use of his shop - which is empty and is for rent/sale - for promoting the Ark. Being in a "prime" location it is a great opportunity. (It's in the small street between The National Bank of Greece and the little square with the fountain). Lots of people pass by and have a look at our information and of course also visit the shop. The effect of being in such a central spot is obvious - more sales and more people learning about animal matters. It also gives a chance to publicise dogs reported to us as missing and to inform people about the advantages of having a local dog instead of an expensive pedigree. John, the owner of the shop was interested in having a dog and fell in love with a big pointer (pictured below). All dogs are always vaccinated and tested for specific diseases, but a later result showed this dog had tested positive for Leishmaniosis (this is always a possibility as this test is over a longer period). The vet explained to the family that with pills and perhaps some other treatment this healthy dog will have a good life. John and family kept the dog and assured us that they will happily look after him. This is good news as a lot of people panic when they hear about Leishmaniosis whereas in most cases with simple care the dog will heve a good life.

Note: Since the beginning of December we have had to leave this shop, but you can still find us at our usual shop in Ag. Dimitriou (behind Hondos Centre).

October 2009 - World Animal Day

This year, due to the national elections on the 4th October, we could not give our full attention to World Animal Day. But we didn't want the event to pass without giving it any publicity, so some animal-loving children attracted the attention of people in the centre of Corfu Town by walking around with their dogs while wearing home-made sandwich boards advertising World Animal Day in English and Greek. They also collected donations from passers by. Thank you Chloe, Annabelle, Sophie, Karin and Willy for your help.

(Please also make a note that in a few weeks time we are planning to have a bazaar for a few days in a small premises in the centre of Corfu Town to draw attention to Animal Welfare in Corfu and what The Ark is stands for.)

September 2009 - Please Sign This Online Petition

Marjorie Pandis has, over many years, rescued a lot of dogs who were abandoned, unwanted or just tied to her fence or thrown over it. She now has a court case against her at the beginning of December. Below is letter sent by CIDAG (Coalition in Defense of Animals in Greece), an association representing most Greek animal welfare societies.

A petition has been set up to support Marjorie Pandis on Corfu. Marjorie has had a shelter in Corfu for many years with most animals being rehomed abroad. She has now been charged and will be taken to court in December, accused of running an illegal animal breeding institution with the aim of selling dogs for financial gain. Suffice to say her accusers, who do not support the rehoming of Greek strays abroad, have been waging a lengthy war against Marj and this is their latest attempt to prevent her from helping strays on the island.

There is not doubt that Marj does not need to breed animals. They are regularly thrown over the fence into her shelter area or left outside the gate. Others dogs are brought to her by tourists who desperately want to save the dog they have found. She also gets no financial reward for her work and like the rest of us struggles to find money to care for abandoned animals.

For those of you who don’t know Marj, her shelter which has a small number of dogs, occupies a large area. The animals are in excellent condition and all enjoy large runs with only 2-3 animals per enclosure.

We hope you will all sign the petition to the Nomarchos of Corfu and that you will offer the support to Marj that she has always offered to others when needed.

Update: The court case, originally scheduled for December 7th, has now been postponed.

July 2009 - The Ark Music Evening

We hope you will all come to this Music Evening at Sylvia Steen's estate in Kanoni, Corfu. Lots of volunteers will contribute to make this evening a very special event. All proceeds will go towards the animals on the island. Please tell all your friends!

June 2009 - Canine Tourism

In Summer 2007 we took, with the permission of the Mayor of Corfu, some dogs from the main square in Corfu Town. There are always a lot of quite often large dogs there. Some have been there for a long time and are taken care of by the locals. Others are dumped and "join the crowd". The females are often chased by the big males, so we helped some of those females out from there. One of them, we named Espla (from the Esplanade). She was sterilized and was finally rehomed via AAI in Holland. Her owners, Ineke and Menno, are so proud on their Essie that they even sent us a whole book about her. At the end of June Ineke came with her niece to visit the island where her beloved dog came from. She had promised her niece that when she finished high school this would be her reward. So they came to visit us, and brought with them a collection of collars and leads for our dogs, as well as a donation to pay for medicine. Thank you Ineke. May Corfu-Essie give you lots of happy years. (Below you can see Ineke and her neice in Corfu, and Essie in Holland.)

June 2009 - Spring Garden Fayre, another success

Thanks to the organisation of John and Christopher, the second Spring Fayre in their garden was a great success. This year other animal welfare groups in Corfu were present, including CARE and the Donkey Rescue organisation - together with a donkey! The share of the proceeds donated to the The Ark this year amounted tp 545 euros, which will help towards the expenses incurred in sterilisation, treating injured animals and so on. It was a very, very,  hot day, but a lot of visitors still came to have a look and find some bargains. The Ark had an information stand about our goals, a billboard advertising "dogs and puppies looking for nice homes" and two small playful puppies to show how lovely our Corfu breeds are.

May 2009 - Demonstration Against Animal Cruelty

The Pan Hellenic Co-ordinating Committee for Animal Welfare Associations invites all  citizens to attend a demonstration to take place at 10am, Wednesday 20 May 2009, outside the Ministry of Rural Growth and Food, 2 Acharnon Street, Vathi  Square, Athens. The demonstration is in support of the thousands of cases of mistreatment, poisoning and murder of animals in Greece, not only companion animals but wild life, birds during the hunting season, farm animals and those animals who suffer daily, in a variety of ways, in  circuses. The Greek and foreign press will be invited to attend. A resolution will be handed over to Minister Hatzigakis, asking that, after his supportive attitude in meetings held recently with associations and institutions involved in animal protection,  he take direct measures to ensure the protection and rights of animals. The Pan-Hellenic Coordinating Committee, created a few months ago, reflects the opinions of approximately a hundred Greek animal welfare associations and aims to co-ordinate their efforts and address problems relating to animals. The Committee also aims to put pressure on the Greek State to take immediate, decisive and essential measures for the resolution of problems relating to animals generally. For further information you can contact the following numbers: ((+30)) 6979913007, ((+30)) 6976489449, ((+30)) 6945593988. There is also an online petition you can sign here. For an English Translation click here.

May 2009 - Spring Garden Fayre

On 23 May at 2.00 pm, John and Christhoper will once again open their garden for a Spring Garden Fayre. You can find their house, "Dolce Vita", at Poulades (about two kilometres after passing Diellas car park). There will be stalls selling books, clothes, artwork, bric-a-brac, cakes, soft toys, pet goods, fruit and veg, a bottle stall, a lucky dip and many, many more bargains. The entrance fee of 2 euros (1 euro for children) includes refreshments. Last year was the first time the Fayre was held and it was so succesfull that John said we should make it a yearly event. All proceeds will go to The Ark so come and join us for a fun afternoon. In 2008 it raised nearly 1,000 euros - perhaps this time we can make it more than 1,000 - which all went to help the animals on the island. The Ark will be there with a special stand with information and photos and letters from the owners of animals we have helped, as well as some dogs which are looking for good homes. If you would like to help or want more information you can email us or phone 26610 80129. Please spread the news about this event!

April 2009 - New Animal Cruelty Laws Proposed

Agricultural Development Minister Sotiris Hatzigakis recently heralded a draft bill that foresees heavy fines for individuals found guilty of torturing or wantonly killing animals. The minister said that the legislation would apply to the mistreatment of strays, including the deliberate poisoning of animals, but also to the abuse of animals by circus troupes. Certain provisions in the bill foresee the creation of special shelters for the temporary accommodation and vaccination of stray dogs and cats. As far as circus troupes are concerned, the bill aims to ban them from staging shows in Greece that abuse animals.

March 2008 - The Ark AGM

The Annual General Meeting of The Ark will take place on Monday 23 March 2009 at 19.30 pm at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Corfu Town. All existing and prospective members of the Ark are encouraged to attend. An invitation has been sent to all members. If for some reason you have not received one then please regard this announcement as your invitation.

February 2009 - Ark Shop Window Dispaly Reflects Carnival Theme

Once again John has created an attractive window display in our Ark Charity Shop. The theme is Carnival - although there are no Carnival outfits inside; just the usual mix of donated items including good quality clothes, books, CDs, videos, DVDs and other useful articles. Opening times are Tuesday till Friday, 10.00 - 13.00. Why not pay us a visit and pick up a bargain, in the knowledge that all proceeds go to the animals.