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December 2007 - Ark Christmas Lunch - A Great Success

The Ark Xmas lunch took place on Sunday, December 9th. It was a very pleasant event and raised about 600 euros. Many thanks to Vivienne who organised it and Captain's Restaurant where it was held. Nearly 100 people - including children - attended and enjoyed seeing Father Christmas, a raffle, a bear-naming lottery and some unexpectedly nice weather. There was a small exhibition of some of the results the Ark volunteers had achieved in 2007 with some recent examples of dogs succesfully rehomed in Corfu and abroad. Special attention was given to recent rescues, like Hoppie, a small dog with mising parta on both back legs, rehomed in Corfu; Kyra a husky with leishmaniosis now enjoying the snow with her new owners in Germany; and Zoie the pointer, more bones than flesh, who found a home in Amsterdam with a young couple who wanted to give a dog a new future. There were a few tables full of articles for dogs and cats, such as toys, blankets, collars and leads - all brand new and kindly donated by friends of The Ark in UK and Holland. Some of these articles will be also available in the Ark Shop so do pop in and have a look.

December 2007 - Dog Walk to Help The Ark

Our loyal supporters, Wendy and Spencer, organised the third annual Dog Walk in their local park in Watford, UK. They were supported by the local council who helped to arrange the venue. Many walkers took part including about 15 who brought their dogs and they raised over 500 euros for the Ark. 25% was donated to the local wildlife organisation. Thank you Wendy and Spencer for helping us again, as well as for all the work you do by helping us with food for the strays - as always, very kindly transported from the UK to Corfu for free by Mondial.

November 2007 - Cat Trap Available

We have received from our loyal Georgina a cat trap - useful for catching stray or feral cats for sterilisation. If anyone would like to  borrow it please phone 6979798202.

November 2008 - Car Boot Sale

With help of some volunteers we again put up our "Ark Stand" at La Veranda. As well as selling various articles we were able to show how we try to help animals on Corfu. Two puppies we had brought along and Albert, a sweet Jack Russell, got plenty of attention. Let's hope they will find good, caring families to adopt them. You can always contact us if you are looking for a nice pet. But bear in mind that a dog is for a lifetime "not just for Christmas". Once again, thanks to Margarita, Panayiotis, Willy, Conny, Steven and of course to Ellen, for helping us.

November 2007 - Ark Christmas Raffle

Lots of super prizes to be won! Raffle will take place in the Ark Shop on Friday, 21 December 2007 at 12 noon. Tickets 50 cents each.

November 2007 - Ark Christmas Lunch

The Ark Christmas lunch will take place at one o'clock on Sunday 9th December at Captains at Kanoni, (opposite ex-Hilton Hotel). Tickets cost 18 euros (10 euros for children) and include hot and cold food and wine. Last year was the first time it was organised as a lunch event and produced enthusiastic feedback. Please buy your tickets beforehand so we know how many to cater for. Tickets are on sale at the Ark shop, English Imports, the Anglican Church or can be bought by phoning Vivienne on 6975565434. There will be also some nice brand new dog articles for sale, kindly donated by Georgina from the UK. We hope to see you all, enjoying each other's company and supporting the animals as well.

November 2007 - Do you know this dog?

This dog was found on 10 November. Does anyone recognise this Great Dane as we are trying to trace its owner? If you have any information please phone 6979798202.

October 2007 - Georgina's October Surprise

Once again a pile of packages has arrived - via Mondial, who transported them for free to help the animals on Corfu. The parcels contained quality food for dogs, puppies and cats as well as another box full of surprises - large, practical dog collars, small collars with bells for cats and matching collars and leads for pups or small dogs. There were also toys for the dogs and cats to play with and dog snacks. In the photo some food is already missing as some people could not wait and the cats had already opened the bags of catfood by themselves! Thanks again to Georgina who told us that she also organised a cat trap which is on the way. All these gifts were well timed (the tourist season has come to an end, meaning that lots of dogs and cats are not being fed as they were in the summer months) and will help us to feed the animals through the winter.

October 2007 - World Animal Day in Corfu

All over the world October 4th is a special day for animals and many people give their pets some extra attention or some special food. We were invited by Dafnila Bay Hotel to the celebration they had organised for their guests and their children. The children had been busy over the previous days making drawings about animals. At 11.00 there was a gathering in front of the hotel, a display of all the drawings and a buffet. The children had painted their faces to look like cats, dogs, tigers, etc. The Ark took along two puppies, a nine year old labrador, a fluffy dog about three years old, two kittens of just a few weeks and a cat with only one eye, so the children had a variety of animals to look at and to enjoy. Of course puppies always attract attention but it was nice to see even the children who were a bit hesitant at first enjoying by the end walking with "their" dog. Altogether it was a pleasent morning for all the guests as well as for the animals. They enjoyed all the attention, stroking and the special dog and cat snacks. (Just the previous day we had received a gift of dog-snacks from some holidaymakers, half of whose luggage was surprises for the animals here.) Let's not only celebrate World Animal Day once a year, but let's keep up this special attention for the animals. The animals in Corfu need it, especially now winter is coming and lots of abandoned dogs and cats will have a hard time to survive the battle against a lack of food, the danger of poisoning and road accidents. Please help us to help the strays throughout the winter.

September 2007 - Lost Dog

This dog has been missing since 24th September. If you see him, please tie him to something - he is very friendly - and phone the owner who misses him very much. She can be contacted on 26630 22461 or 6947375992.

Update - 9 October. This missing dog has now been reunited with its owner.

August 2007 - World Animal Day

World Animal Day takes place every year on 4 October. Animal welfare groups, sanctuaries and individuals throughout the world hold special events to heighten public awareness of animal issues and to encourage people to think about how we as humans relate to animals.

July 2007 - Summer Party Success

The Ark would like to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to all who attended the annual summer party on 21 July at the Chandris Hotel in Dassia. The party was well attended, the food and liquid refreshment excellent, and a good time was had by all.

July 2007 - More Support from Georgina

Our loyal supporter has once again sent us some useful articles to help our cats and dogs. Fancy collars with matching leads; nice little collars for puppies and cats; and of course more good pet food. Colette added some toys and as usual it was all delivered free to us by the Mondial Transport Company. On top of that we also received by mail a parcel from Georgina full of dewormers and flea treatment, which is really vital when treating the animals. Thank you all.

July 2007 - Ark Summer Party

The Ark's Summer Party will be held at Corfu Chandris Hotel in Dassia at 9 pm on Saturday 21 July. Tickets cost 24 euros and include a full buffet with wine and soft drinks. Everyone is more than welcome and all proceeds will go towards helping the strays of Corfu. We hope to see many Corfiots but would also welcome anyone just visiting the island on holiday. Tickets are available from the Ark Charity Shop, the Anglican Church and the English Imports Shop. You can also phone 26610 80308 or 6979798202. (We would prefer it if you buy tickets in advance so we have an idea how many will be attending the event. But don't worry if you decide to come at the last minute - just turn up the hotel and get the tickets there.)

June 2007 - Horrific Cat And Dog Fur Trade To End

Europe is set to vote for a ban on the import and export of cat and dog fur - described as a "horrific" trade. The fur, brought in mainly from China, will be illegal in Europe from the end of next year when MEPs rubber stamp a proposed ban in Strasbourg.

It is the result of a decade-long campaign, supported by celebrities like Heather Mills McCartney, to end a trade which is estimated to cost the lives of two million cats and dogs a year. Campaigners say the products made from dog and cat fur creep into the consumer market in the UK and Europe because traders deliberately mislabel them. The fur is used in a variety of products, including coats, fur trimmed garments, hoods, hats, gloves, stuffed animals, blankets, toys and items such as novelty key rings and hair accessories.

Undercover footage, filmed by the charity Humane Society International, has revealed the fate of many of the animals. Campaigners say dogs and cats are bred in dank facilities with inadequate food and water. Those conditions optimise the thickness and length of their fur, but make them weaker and sicker in time for slaughter. Cats and dogs are often sold in open air markets. Breeders sell dog flesh to restaurants or food operations. Locals then use the cat and dog fur themselves, or sell to dealers in Europe.

The European Parliament stepped in to end the trade last year. Labour MEP Arlene McCarthy, President of the Parliament's Consumer Affairs Committee, said the campaign has had the support of one million people across Europe. "Many European Citizens are unwittingly deceived into buying garments made out of cat and dog fur due to mislabelling. This law will put an end to these deceptive practices," she said.
Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson has been a long-time campaigner. "The horrific trade in cat and dog fur is about to meet its Waterloo," he said. "Millions of EU citizens who signed petitions, sent e-mails and wrote letters during an eight-year campaign have persuaded Europe's political law-makers to act."

May 2007 - Paula and Jan

Last year Paula and Jan visited Corfu, curious to see where their neighbours' little dog Choco (see Case Histories) had come from. As well as later collecting all kinds of articles for our animals, they adopted a dog which they named Kyk - like on the number plates here on Corfu. This year they spent another week in Corfu and again came loaded with useful gifts. In fact they only had one light suitcase for themselves to allow the extra kilos on the plane! Below you can see little Cofi appreciating a comfortable present, Ayia appreciating the attention, and Mara just passing by. At home in Holland, besides Corfu Kyk, Paula and Jan have three other large dogs and they all get on well together. Thanks again for their help and support.

May 2007 - Canadian Shepherd missing

Missing since Saturday 7th May. An eight month old male Canadian Shepherd (not pedigree), colour beige. He has a collar with his telephone number in a tube. If you know anything about this dog please contact Linda on 26610 94028. His owners have looked everywhere and are very worried.

May 2007 - The Georgina UK - Ark Corfu helpline

Once again some parcels have arrived from Georgina. It is always a surprise to see what she has sent. This time we received dog food, cat food, fleece blankets, toys (thank you too Colette), lots of collars and leads, articles for our shop and many other very useful articles for our strays. We'd like to thank everyone in the UK who contributed to these parcels, especially Marc for making the delivery to the Mondial transport company. (Mondial always bring items to us from the UK for free in order to help our Corfu strays.) The photos show only a part of all the goodies which arrived. Before having a chance to display it all some food and other things had already been taken out to be used for the animals. For instance you can see Julia with a box full of surprises for the stray cats and dogs she is feeding in the north of the island. Thank you - all your support is highly appreciated.

April 2007 - Greek dogs confiscated in Ancona

We had hoped that by now, the 4th of April, that this drama would have been resolved and that these Greek dogs, which were confiscated in Ancona, Italy, would be on their way to their new homes in Germany and Holland. Unfortunately the dogs are still in different, relatively poor conditioned shelters around Ancona and many dogs have been separated from their pups and friends. All these dogs have been rescued and cared for by different Greek animal welfare groups and have the appropriate travel papers for their trips to their new homes. The dogs were being transported from Athens to Germany via Patra and Ancona. However, upon arriving in Ancona the local authorities transported all dogs to Italian shelters. It is now up to an Italian judge whether the dogs will be released and go to their new homes. Italian newspapers are claiming that the dogs will be used for experiments and dog fights - a claim which is both unwarranted and false.

These claims might stem from a small group of Greek animal welfare people who oppose re-homing unwanted Greek dogs abroad. This group represents a very small proportion of Greek animal welfare organizations and often makes false accusations that dogs re-homed by other organizations are used for experiments and fur. They do not believe that Greeks and foreigners can partner with welfare organizations abroad to find such nice homes for these helpless dogs.

Let's hope that all these Greek dogs will be released soon and can continue their journey towards a better future in a caring home.

Latest: A judge has decided that the dogs will not be released. It will now go to appeal in front of another judge, which means waiting again, whilst the dogs are still in those rather poor shelters.

April 2007 - A Dutch surprise on 1st April

A Dutch couple, Ciska and Peter, heard about The Ark via the Hollander, a Dutch Holiday magazine for tourists in Corfu. They have been coming on holiday to Corfu for years but have always felt sad about the animal welfare situation on the island. They asked if they could help us and of course we are always grateful for any support. So they started to collect all kinds of useful articles kindly donated by local businesses such as pet shops. In addition they collected money for our strays - Peter used an (empty) tin of dog food as a collection box - and they raised enough to sterilise three dogs. They wrote to say that they would arrive in Corfu on April 1st - luckily it was not a joke! As they came with a van it was possible to bring many things with them. They also brought a variety of articles donated by stichting AAI which rehomes some of our Corfu dogs, including Scalibor collars which will hopefully prevent our strays from getting unwelcome ticks and sandflies. When the truck was finally unloaded we put all the goodies, including food and "dog snacks", outside under an olive tree and the dogs which were around discovered it immediately! We would like to thank Ciska and Peter for their initiative and all the businesses and individuals who donated money or articles for our Corfu strays. Also a big thankyou again to AAI for their continued support.

March 2007 - Ark AGM

The Annual General Meeting of The Ark will take place at Holy Trinity Church, Corfu Town on Wednesday 21 March at 19.30. On the agenda are: a report on 2006 activities; treasurer's report; financial budget for 2007; auditor's report; and current issues including spaying, poisoning, fostering and rehoming, fundraising, collection boxes, the charity shop, raising public awareness and education. Only members who have up to date subscriptions are entitled to participate in the AGM but subscriptions may also be paid at the AGM. Your attendance at the AGM is essential if the Ark is to continue its work. We hope to see you all in our combined effort to help the animals on our island to a better life.

March 2007 - Barba-Bella Update

The operation on Barba- Bella took place on 28 February and was very successful. It was the first time that such an operation had been performed in Holland on a dog. A kind of "umbrella" was inserted via a vein and opened at the site of the "hole" in the vein going to the heart and lungs. She will be on antibiotics for a few weeks, but she is very well and enjoys her food and walks. She thanks everybody who contributed towards the cost of her operation.

February 2007 - Dog found in Corfu Town - A Happy Ending

The owner of the lost dog has been found and they have been reunited. (The dog had been rescued by Alexandra and her friend when it was in the sea in a hole in the wall at the old port and unable to get on shore.) Hopefully the owner will now microchip his dog and put a telephone number on its collar in case the dog decides to go for another "stroll". Many thanks from everyone for all Alexandra's efforts.

February 2007 - Georgina - our loyal UK sponsor

About six months ago Georgina heard about The Ark and she sent us a parcel of goodies for the dogs. Since then we have regularly received parcels from her - kindly transported for free by Corfu company Mondial. Georgina has been really busy collecting all kind of useful articles, either given by other people, (thank you too Jeannie) or bought on Ebay. In the photo below you can see the surprise which arrived on 20 February - large bags of dry food, special milk for very small puppies and kittens, doggie snacks and dog coats. We'll keep the animals warm, dry and fed through the winter, thanks to Georgina and Mark.

February 2007 - Dog Missing in Corfu

Please help Elisa to find her beloved dog. This lovely, sweet male dog has been missing since early February. He is large - around 45kg and unfortunately he has lost his collar. If you see "Scunitzi", call his name, tie him up (he is a gentle dog so don't be afraid) and phone Elisa on 26610 54700 or 6979762442. Or please contact her if you have any information.

January 2007 - Barba- Bella needs all our help!

Barba was found near Barbati. At first she was very shy but slowly she came to trust the family who fostered her. They tried to find a home on Corfu, but no luck. AAI Holland offered to rehome her but soon after her arrival the vet found that there was something wrong with her heart. The University Clinic in Utrecht diagnosed a failure in the veins around her heart and lungs. This lovely, playful dog is only about one year old, but due to this disease her life expectation is only about another six months. The good news is that the University Clinic can cure the condition with a complex operation. The bad news is that this will be very expensive (despite the discount for AAI). The Dutch website of AAI are asking for donations to help with the cost. We also want to help this Corfu dog so please give generously so Barba-Bella can have a healthy future and be placed with a new family. When Gaby Jacoby heard about this operation, she was the first to offer financial help and made a substantial donation directly to AAI. We all know that she always will care for "her" Corfu strays.

Your gift is most welcome via any of the following accounts:
Holland – Account no. 7276816 stichting aai, Maastricht.
UK - Barclays plc, sort code 20-51-23, Account no. 80795070.
Greece – Alphabank, Account no. 680 00 2002014311a.
Or bring it to our Charity Shop in Corfu.

For further information please call (0030) 26610 80308 or send us an email. We would also appreciate if you send money that you let us know us via email and mention "Operation Barba-Bella”.

January 2007 - Renovated Ark Shop Re-opening

On 23 January The Ark Shop/Info Centre was reopened. The vice-president Ileana Trivoli cut the ribbon. Lucy and her team worked hard to achieve this facelift. We hope that a lot of visitors will come to the shop to buy or donate articles. All proceeds go for the strays of Corfu. To show that we in Corfu have not forgotten Barba/Bella (the dog from Corfu which need an expensive operation in Holland) a colletion box was put out and this, together with a part of the sales from this special day, will be donated to AAI to help our dog to survive.

January 2007 - Sterilisation.

Sterilization of females is very important to try to stop the cyrcle of births. It also reduces the chance of cancer for the dog herself. Below you can see a dog that has just been sterilized. It only has a tiny scar and with a few days of tender love and care (and antibiotics) she will be fine. The other photo shows the dog just before the operation, just starting to go to sleep. Please help us, so more dogs can be sterilized.

January 2007 - A heart warming update from Holland.

At the end of the 2005 season Bibi was found, having given birth in an old car. Some Dutch tourists could not leave this skinny mother and her tiny pups behind and we were asked if there was a solution. We arranged to transport both the mother and puppies to Holland. The Corfiots were welcomed and even given their own centrally heated room. There is a lot of land around the house so they can run and exercise. We are regularly updated on how Bibbi, Lola and Patty are doing. Below you can see these three beauties with one of their new owners.

January 2007 - New Year Greetings from Tessa and Marga

You might recognise these dogs from a previous story about the family in the south of Holland who adopted two dogs from Corfu, one after the other. When we were in Holland we visited Marga and Tessa and the lovely, caring couple Hetty and Henk who adopted them. Thanks for the warm welcome including the "vlaai" (a kind of fruit tart which is a speciality of that region.) It was moving to see how much they care for those two stray dogs from Corfu. And look how healthy they look – the black one, skinny and poor looking when found is now proud and shiny! They sent us an email with this photo and New Year Greetings to all their friends. Happy New Year to Tessa and Marga too!

January 2007 - Thanks to the residents of Nancy Hall Court.

Carol and Bob, who recently moved to Corfu, got involved with feeding the strays in their village. They talked about the situation of the strays here with their daughter Sam who lives in the UK. Sam had a great idea to raise money for The Ark. She organised a sale and residents of Nancy Hall Court and friends, colleagues and family all donated goods or money. With the money raised we can sterilize about 9 cats or 6 dogs. We are grateful that people so far away are willing to support us. Thank you Sam and all who helped her to help us. Below you can see Sam in Corfu with three of the stray dogs we are fostering and hoping to rehome soon here or abroad. Bambi, (a lovely seven year old with a broken leg, torn ear and missing teeth was found on a busy road), Mara ( a little white female, recently badly injured on a road but recovering well) and Cocco (whose "owner" did not want to care for her any longer). A happy, healthy 2007 to all of you.