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News Archive - 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013

December 2006 - Christmas parcels for Corfu’s strays.

What a surprise! We have received a lot of boxes full of dogs and cat food from Trofeklekt Masterfood in Athens. Can you imagine the reaction of our stray dogs when they are fed quality food like Pedigree and Whiskas (dry, tinned and sachets) and treats like Biscrok "cookies"? And top of the bill, Sheba for Xmas lunch for our stray cats! They were kind enough to send so much that we will have ample "leftovers" for a good start to 2007. With this food help and all our volunteers we will try to get the strays through the winter. Thank you all.

December 2006 - Happy in Holland

The little (champagne coloured) pup below was reported to us by The St. George Bay Country Club in Acharavi (you can read her story here) and has since found a lovely family in Holland with lots of land and animals and, most importantly, love and care. Look how proud she is, sitting with her companions and taking over the coach from her owners Hans and Carin.

December 2006 - The Ark Christmas Lunch - a successful event

This year The Ark changed its annual event from Christmas Dinner to Christmas Lunch so children could join in as well. It took place in Captain's Taverna in Kanoni Corfu and a lot of people, including a number of children, enjoyed each other's company as well as food and drinks. Even Father Christmas turned up with his 15 year old little white dog! Thanks to Diana and Viviane for organising this successful way of celebrating Christmas and raising money for the strays of Corfu.


November 2006 - The Ark Shop

The Ark shop has had a “facelift" and we hope everyone will come and have a look, buy something or just have a coffee! The shop is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 am till 2 pm. The shop will be closed during the last week of December, but from Tuesday 2nd January you are most welcome again. (Please note that from Tuesday 1st February opening hours will change and the shop will be open from 10 am till 1 pm.)

November 2006 - Thank you once again Georgina.

Since Georgina, who lives in the UK, read the article in the magazine Dogs Today, she became one of our most active supporters! Several parcels, with all kinds of useful articles for our strays, were received. Bags of dry food, medical articles, collars etc. and lots of fleece blankets in different sizes. So we can feed the strays and keep them healthy and warm through winter. Thanks to Georgina and to Mondial, who once again helped to transport the goodies!

November 2006 - Food and Walking

Thanks to a major UK pet food supplier for a lot of quality food, transported free by Mondial and organised by Spencer and Wendy. On top of that, on Sunday 13 November, they organised a dog walk in Watford to raise money for the Corfu strays. Thank you walkers.

November 2006 - Poisoning

In Benitses, three stray dogs are taken care of during the winter by Carol and her husband. Carol called us in a panic to say that she was afraid that the smallest dog might have been poisoned. We advised her to rush it to the vet, who we contacted in the meantime. Luckily we were in time. The dog was made to vomit and in its food one could detect the pieces of poison. This type of poisoning is a big problem, whether on purpose or through ignorance. It is so evil and the animals suffer a most dreadful death and even if it is known who has commited the crime, witnesses are afraid to give statements. Let’s try to stop this cruelty.

November 2006 - Thank you Amsterdam

This summer Vanessa and her friend were on holiday in Corfu. Vanessa has a petshop in Amsterdam and via AAI she came in contact with The Ark. She visited some stray dogs and promised help. We received via another tourist a big parcel with all kinds of goodies for the dogs. When we were in Amsterdam we visited her shop and she has been gathering all kind of articles for our strays - too much to carry! Bags of collars, toys, food, shampoo, snacks, just name it. Thank you Vanessa and your team at Kanarie, Faunaland, Amsterdam.

October 2006 - Gifts from Holland

This photo shows presents for the animals which we received from a Dutch pet shop. They have promised to send more. These puppies couldn’t wait to inspect the goodies! Thanks Vanessa.

September 2006 - Electronic tagging ignored in Greece

Many pet owners continue to abandon their cats and dogs in the streets despite a scheme to tag domestic animals. According to estimates there are currently some 300,000 stray animals in the whole of Greece. “This shows the practice of abandoning animals that do not suit us anymore has not disappeared,” said Liana Alexandri, the director of the Greek Animal Lovers Society. Greece now enforces a law that requires pets to be tagged but only some 90,000 animals have had a microchip implanted. About 2 million Greeks own pets. “In the first few months, quite a few people submitted their pets to the process but now the only people who come forward are the new owners of puppies,” said Lambros Antoniadis, a member of the Greek Veterinary Association.

August 2006 - Dogs Today Magazine

A big thankyou to all the Dogs Today readers who sent us parcels with all kinds of useful things for the strays in Corfu. Thank you to Georgina, Pamela and to those who did not mention a name or address. You all have been so kind. (If we don't have your address please mail us so we can add you to our mailing list.)

Parcel for strays

To read the original article about the Ark that was published in Dogs Today magazine click here.

August 2006 - Car Boot Sale

The mayor of Corfu gave us permission to hold a car boot sale in the Plateia (the main square) of Corfu Town. All kinds of donated articles were on sale at bargain prices, with all proceeds going to the strays of Corfu. Thank you to all who helped us on a day which started with thunderstorms and rain and finished under a beautiful blue sky!